A Little About Intuition with Julie Birch, as Artist, Photographer and Lightworker :

  • Julie Birch was born and raised in Ontario.  She spent her early years in Sault Ste. Marie and moved around a lot, where she likely got her love for travel, new places and most of all scenery.  First drawings were title pages for school, work on bulletin boards during recess and sketching on the backs of panty hose cardboard packaging.  Her first camera was a 110 camera and a Polaroid, then a Nikon EM and more recently a Nikon 7000.

  • At an early age, Julie found she had a natural inclination towards the arts, specifically painting and photography.  Which she grew to love by spending more and more of her free time sketching from the scenes of life.  She is self taught in the arts of painting, sketching and photography.  She has developed a multiple set of skills over the years, with multimedia mosaics, acrylic and oil painting, and more recently started to experiment with sculpturing.

  • Her spirituality has been an influence on her art and manifested in various ways.  She seems to have innate ability to connect with her higher self to create pieces that move people in many ways.  In her artwork, there seems to be an etheric quality and she likes to leave this up to the opinion of the person viewing her work to find their own meaning. 

  • She started doing Aura Drawings/Readings a few years ago to expand in her desire to help people better understand themselves and challenges.  She senses what she draws intuitively in her sketches.  She has also taken healing modalities, such as Theta Healing, Quantum Touch, Chakra Balancing, House Clearing, Focused Intention Technique and continues to expand her knowledge to help others in their path.

  • She has traveled a bit in United States and Canada.  In her mid twenties she left Ontario, after dreaming about the mountains in British Columbia for a couple years and now resides in Edmonton, AB, Canada for over seventeen years.  Still visits Ontario and British Columbia.  Her goal is to use the universal language of art to provide an environment that creates positive energy while promoting harmony. 

  • This environment will be the realization of an enjoyable collaboration between the artist and the client and will speak to the true spirit of humanity.  She would like to share her gifts in positive ways and always moving forward.

Enjoy life, it is short and full of surprises!!

                             Julie Birch July 1, 2015